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Masterminds for Business

Mastermind Maker is great for business.  By now you are probably very familiar of the general benefits of social media for business; build up your contact base, spread the word of your products and services, increase the options to be found on search engines.  At Mastermind Maker we offer those benefits but more besides. Read on.



Mastermind Maker For Small Businesses

Small Businesses and Small Business Owners are where the history of Mastermind Groups shines brightest.  Most small businesses don’t have a board of directors or a budget for consultants to get an outside view on how to develop the business or deal with a particular problem.


A mastermind group of small business owners are in effect each others board of advisors.  Use the group to set out your mutually beneficial goals e.g. improve knowledge of internet marketing, sales growth, recruiting staff or all of the above.


Remember a mastermind group can be used to help each other move towards a certain goal or to share thoughts and ideas on any given subject.  Apply this concept/process to your business and start to reap the benefits.


As an added something to consider why not start to post articles on the site using the “Points Learned” from your internal mastermind exchanges. 

Mastermind Maker For Big Business

What better way to interact with your current and potential clients then to lead a mastermind group around your product of service.


Customers like the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and interests around a product; this is an outstanding way to facilitate that process.


For Example if you provide accounting software why not have a group to talk through the benefits and core functions of the software and to ascertain any difficulties your users are having with your product.  Better still when the year end is approaching – start a discussion on how to ensure the year end procedures run smoothly.


Another customer group example:

Group Name: Apple iphone – Apps Update  set your group up under Business General and Products groupings and those that want to share their thoughts as well as hear the latest details on Apple Iphone Apps will sign up to the group.


You can appoint a number of roles to the group to spread the effort of running the group effectively – you can set up meetings, these can of course be off line or perhaps a teleconference for a company announcement; you can hear direct feedback and create discussions around specific apps or other elements relevant to your group.  If a discussion within the group is going very well and you want wider opinions – you can copy it from the group forum to the public forum in just one click.


So, you have instant feedback, you can update fans of your products with new features, you can advise on how to use your product, you can create and manage detailed discussions around any area of your business (relevant to the group) that you want.

Invite others from your industry, or even from within your company to exchange ideas.  Make use of the Meeting Minutes and Key Points Learned note taking facilities too to keep track of the learning and output from the meetings you arrange.


For other questions on what you can do in Mastermind Maker check out our Frequently Asked Questions area:



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