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Think and Grow

Think and Grow Rich is the title of the book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 that is believed to be the first written description of Mastermind Groups and the tremendous benefits of a developing a “Master Mind”.  In it he articulates in chapter after to chapter how to make your dreams a reality.  Or, how to think and grow rich.


“Rich” doesn’t need to be the attainment of vast wealth, though many of the examples cited in Think and Grow Rich are of very rich individuals, rich can be a happy and well run home life.


We don’t mind if you become wealthy, if you aim for that and achieve it with no detrimental effect on any one else, that’s great.  If you simply Think and Grow, or perhaps, think, contribute, collaborate and grow we’ll be very happy to hear about that too.


Masterminds working together in a mastermind group can help each other (offer peer support) by setting goals to be accountable from member to member and work on some of the core principles of the original Think and Grow Rich book:


Articulate your goals (make them real)

Visualization (see the achievement of your goals)

Organized planning (the crystallization of Desire into Action)


Gaining power through the “master mind”.


If you are new to the concept of mastermind groups try signing up today and see how you can think and grow rich.

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