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8 Ways to an Effective Booth
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By Mark Combs,

Contrary to popular belief, a flashy trade show display doesn’t sell your product. Depending on what you are trying to sell, a display can help you sell. But the real strength of your trade show display is its simplicity. Simple displays highlight your product, your service, and the people that make your company tick. Don’t fall victim to the idea that simple is boring, if you work with a company that knows your company, your perfect customer and your message, you can get some great ideas for a effective booth.

1. Simplicity lets your staff shine

There are hundreds of ways to get attendees attention, but strobe lights and sirens aren’t always the best choice. If you have trained your booth staff well and they take a genuine interest in your perfect customer, your booth shouldn’t get in the way of that connection.  Make sure the employees working your booth   know what your overall marketing message is, who your perfect customer is, and which of your products or services meets customer needs best. Refresh their memory on your company history, and what sets you apart from the field, but communicating your message to your perfect customer is paramount.

Lighting and background music can be important, but neither should be the focus of your show. Noise is usually a problem with out you adding more. Also think of the fatigue on your staff of hearing the same songs, pitch or video over and over. Flashing lights can be annoying for everyone and can be dangerous for those that are sensitive.

2. Uncluttered lets your product shine

Clean and uncluttered is the goal we are aiming at. Simplicity usually is more inviting and open to attendees. If your booth is hard to access,  buyers won’t even attempt it. They will keep walking. Make sure your main walk ways are easily passible and  aren’t blocked by banner stands  or literature racks. The easier it is to get in and out of your booth the more traffic you will get.

3. Organization lets you shine

You have a lot of things to take with you to your show. Lead cards, business cards, order forms, maybe product brochures(maybe not, see 8 Trade Show Mistakes That Cost Exhibitors) Its all part of going to show.  But you never know for sure how much you will need. You could give away just a few or you could be making trips to the copy shop on the first day.  Train with your show staff on all the procedures for orders and where all materials will be stored. If you can, set up your booth weeks in advance for your show training and make sure everyone is in the know on your organization efforts.

4. Training lets your team shine

Training your show staff before the show will help them feel more comfortable with the product, the process and the problems. Give your team 8 ways to convey your Overall Marketing Message to your perfect customer. This will keep it fresh and will sound less and less like a rehearsed sales pitch. Practice with other employees on how to point out the benefits of each product. Frame each feature or benefit with the intension of meeting the needs of your customer.  Be sure to talk more about how you can help the customer, and less about your company.

5. Content lets the company shine

If you decide to take brochures and marketing materials to your show, make sure your content is correct, proofread and current. When your wall graphics are touting a feature of your product that it no longer has, you and the company look foolish. Proofread everything that goes out and make sure it is perfect. While you are looking at your marketing materials, make sure they all convey your message to your perfect customer.  Your message is the origin of ALL of your content. If your content doesn’t convey your message, it shouldn’t be at the show.

6. Pre-Show lets the booth shine

Get in touch with all your customers a few weeks before the show. Invite them to come to the show, to your booth, or even a special event you put on for them. Contact them several times. Send a save the date, an invitation, and a reminder the week before. Tell them about any new reveals you will be unveiling at the show, any special show deals and any special events the convention is putting on. You may even want to set appointments with some of your customers so that they will get your full attention. Another possibility, arrange to get them on the floor early, escort them to your booth and have a private show just for them.

7. After hours lets your sales shine

After the floor closes each day, do something for each warm contact you made in the booth. Send them an email with a reminder of what you discussed, what specials you have at the show and thank them for their visit. You may want to extend a show special “just for them” if they come back to the booth the next day. I understand not everyone checks email during convention week but it can’t hurt and you just might get some results from it. Take that opportunity to convey your message again in one way or another.

8. Post-Show lets the ROI shine

I know the last thing you want to do when you get back is think about trade show. But the first week back is crucial to maximizing your ROI. Contact ALL of the leads and customers you got from the show. Most vendors will never contact them, and of the fraction that do won’t do it well. Have your team hand write thank you notes to everyone you spoke with. Debrief your team. Create a questionnaire to glean  what worked and what didn’t work during show week. Get it in writing so when you are preparing for your next show you have a record of your progress and hurdles. Evaluate the response from all your pre-show and show week promotions (you are tracking/measuring all of your promotions aren’t you?). Don’t wait on your post show processes, you will lose lots of valuable info if you wait even a week.

Your trade show can be a great tool to boost sales if you take these steps the make it effective and profitable.  See you at the show! If you need help creating and effective booth, send us an email at we be glad to help you through it.

Posted By : DzinDNAcom
Post Date:  2012-09-26
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