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Mastermind Groups can AMPLIFY your business
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Mastermind Groups AMPLIFY your business


If you are running your own small business it can be a lonely place.  Often funds are tight, there is a lack of support and interaction with colleagues that you would naturally have in a larger business. 


Mastermind Groups can help to mitigate some of those issues, they provide a supportive place where ideas and challenges about your business can be shared in an environment where each member understands and can relate.  That’s why I say Mastermind Groups can AMPLIFY your business:


Accountability: In a mastermind group you feel accountable to your

                       fellow group members, with discussions to respond

                        to and points to follow up between group meetings.


Motivation: Its motivating to interact with other inspiring business

                 owners who want you to succeed as much they want

                 them selves to.


Peer Support: The whole essence of Mastermind Groups is Peer 

                 Support as each member supports to the other to

                 achieve their business goals.


Leverage: When business people interact with each other its natural

               as the confidence grows in the relationship that you

               can start to leverage off of each other – my network is

               your network.


Interaction:  If you are running your own business, a lack of

               interaction with like minded business owners can be one

               of the biggest challenges; a mastermind group fulfils this

               in buckets.


Feedback: By the very nature of a mastermind group for all your

               challenges and business ideas you will get honest open

               feedback from your fellow masterminds!


You X 6:  This is it in a nutshell, a mastermind group is YOU times 6    

             (or 7 or 8 etc etc).


There are numerous organisations to find groups of like minded people to help push your business forwards.  Mastermind Maker is a free resource where you can find members for your group and manage the group – all for free.

Posted By : Ian
Post Date:  2011-06-02
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