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will tablet replace destop pcs & laptop in near future

Tablets are here.. and its advancing day by day in such a way that it is almost being a handy, light weight computer that you can carry alogn with you whereever you go.

Tablets are amost equipped with most the gadjets & tools for different purposes like social tools, business tools, cloud app etc. Their configuration is also almost similar to of latest laptops & pcs.

Then do you feel that in the near future  tablets will replace tradition desktop & laptops?

Share your thoughts here..

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Started by:  mastermi_masterm ,  Total Reply:  1 ,  Last Activity:  27/05/2011 
Reply By:  Ian  on:27/05/2011 

Hi Jatin,


Good question.  In my view your answer is within your question.  With Cloud computing going through the roof (excuse the kind of pun) tablets don't need the processing power of the traditional computer and therefore will probably go from strength to strength certainly surpassing laptops. 

I dont think it will be too long before you see a tablet with a wafer thin pull slide out keyboard that will also act as a stand to make it easier to type....then you really do have a full replacement of laptops.



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