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We hope you find the FAQ useful, they are arranged in these sections:
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  • Privacy

    Can I make my Group Private?

    Can I make my personal details Private?


    What is a Mastermind Group?

    How can I start a Mastermind Group on

    What can I start a Mastermind Group about?

    Can I join any Group, can anyone join mine?

    Once the group is formed - how can I keep the activity going?

    Can I assign roles in a Mastermind Group.

    What other great features do you have in the Group section?

    Can I invite others to the group?

    Can I copy my Group discussions to the public forum?

    Can I charge for my Mastermind Group?


    What is a verified member.

    What is My BookMarks.

    What is My Articles.


    Can I post an Article?

    Articles are Rated - what does this mean?

    Can I use my Article for link building or advertising?

    What is My Articles?


    How can I start a Forum discussion?


    How can I be a corporate sponsor on the site?


    Is the site free to members?

    What is the meaning of Life?

    Can you motivate me?

    Do trees make a noise when they full to the ground, if no one is there to hear them?

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