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Chief Bob
Member in 4 groups
21st November 2011, 05:41 pm

Does any one know the current status of the Greek debt write-off or signing off of austerity measures.  It seems Italy's issues side tracked the coverage of Greece?



Chief Bob
Member in 4 groups
18th October 2011, 02:43 pm

As we proceed through the joys of beta testing.

 It got me thinking, what is the art of good testing.  How many testers should we be including, what control over the tests do we have.  Should there be an on-going Risk Log, what about issue capture and logging.  How many testers are too many?




Member in 7 groups
27th May 2011, 07:06 am

Tablets are here.. and its advancing day by day in such a way that it is almost being a handy, light weight computer that you can carry alogn with you whereever you go.

Tablets are amost equipped with most the gadjets & tools for...

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